From 1997 To 2019: A Timeline Of Hong Kong Tension

This is a piece I made for News NOW. I received a script and a standup (That’s broadcast-ese for “Reporter speaking straight into the camera.”) From the incredible journalist Janis Mackey Frayer, who was covering the day to day protests on the ground in Hong Kong. From that point on I found the archival footage and stills, created the motion graphics and music and cut it all together to form this timeline video. I also made banners and wrote an anchor intro (not seen in this clip).

NBC News: 20 in 20

This is a supercut I made for NBC News Now to mark the end of the first two decades of the 21st Century. The task was to highlight the 20 biggest stories of the past 20 years. I put together a list of around 100 big news stories that defined the past two decades, and then I worked with senior producers to refine that list down to 20 core stories that inspired, enraged and captivated us. Working with the extensive NBC Archives, I combed through hundreds if not thousands of hours of archival coverage of major world events, and edited them into one cohesive look-back. There were, of course, dozens of important events that we had to leave out to fit with the “20 in 20” theme, but I think this list covers most of the big ones.

London, 2017

Switzerland, 2016

Ireland, 2018


360° Cooking

Experimenting with the future of entertainment, the 360° camera, I show you how to make the ultimate tomato sandwich from the perspective of the tomato.